Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty: Now Streaming on Netflix! 

Miss Shetty is a successful chef who owns her own restaurant. 

Mr. Polishetty is a dedicated police officer who is passionate about his job 

The two meet by chance at a restaurant and are immediately drawn to each other.

Despite their different backgrounds and lifestyles, they fall deeply in love. 

However, their relationship is tested by their demanding careers and the expectations of their families. 

Shetty is under pressure to get married and start a family, while Polishetty is focused on his career. 

They must also deal with the disapproval of Shetty's parents, who do not believe that Polishetty is a good match for their daughter. 

In the end, Shetty and Polishetty must decide whether to follow their hearts or their heads. 

They realize that they cannot live without each other and decide to fight for their love. 

The film ends with Shetty and Polishetty getting married and starting a new life together. 

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