SBI and L&T formed higher tops, and higher bottom formations on all timeframes - daily, weekly & monthly.

This indicates an uptrend in short to medium term

You can buy these stocks and 197+ others with 50% funds by activating Margin Trading Facility (MTF).

MTF increases your buying power by 2X. But if your position is in losses they will also be 2X.

MTF lets you borrow 50% funds to buy stocks for a limited period of 150 days only

Gains or losses on stocks bought via MTF could be two times than a normal order

mandatory to pledge MTF Positions on the CDSL website by 9:30 PM on the same day

One-time pledging and un-pledging charges of ₹20/stock.

How To activate MTF Facility In Your Demat Account ?

STEP 1 Click ‘Buy’ on any MTF applicable stock

STEP 2 Activate Margin Trading Facility from the stock details page

STEP 3 Read & accept the T&C

STEP4 Enter your OTP and done!

इस Web Story का उद्देश्य केवल शिक्षा और ज्ञान के लिए है। शेयर बाजार और स्टॉक – हम सिर्फ अपना नजरिया रख रहे हैं। निवेश करने से पहले कृपया अपने वित्तीय सलाहकार से सलाह लें, हम किसी भी लाभ या हानि के लिए जिम्मेदार नहीं होंगे, शेयर बाजार में निवेश बाजार के जोखिमों के अधीन है।


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