7 Mental Money Traps That Keep You Poor

Uncover the emotional triggers behind impulsive purchases and learn to control them. 

Emotional Spending: 

Understand the dangers of comparison and how it can lead to overspending. 

Keeping Up with the Joneses: 

Learn the impact of delaying financial decisions and strategies to overcome it. 


Discover the importance of a budget and how to create one that works for you. 

Lack of Budgeting: 

Explore how neglecting debt can worsen your financial situation and ways to tackle it. 

Ignoring Debt: 

Recognize the benefits of long-term financial planning and setting goals. 

Short-Term Thinking: 

Overcome the fear of investing by understanding its potential for wealth growth. 

Fear of Investing: 

See why staying financially informed is crucial and how to start. 

Neglecting Financial Education: 

Set SMART financial goals to avoid unrealistic expectations. 

Impulsive Financial Goals: 

Understand the value of seeking financial advice when needed and where to find it. 

Not Seeking Help: